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    Why Do All These Celebrities Juice Cleanse?

    Because they've discovered beauty is an inside job. Try our probiotic cleanse and find your inner glow in just a few days.

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    Beginner Cleanse

    Try our most popular cleanse for 1, 3, or 7 days

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    Get Healthy Together!

    Do a cleanse of any length with at least 4 other people and you'll ALL get 20% off.

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    What is Beet Kvass?

    Beets have been in the news for their positive effect on blood pressure, but our Beet Kvass is also a powerful and refreshing way to support digestion and overall health.

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Probiotic Tonics

Beet Kvass

From the small villages of Eastern Europe comes this unique wellness tonic. Beet juice is a powerful blood and liver ...
from $ 5.00


One of our most popular and powerful drinks. Just as our own blood surges through our bodies with a life force, we fe...
from $ 6.50

Coconut Kefir

Coconut Kefir delivers a sweet, tangy taste with the benefits of probiotics and tryptophan.  The addition of fresh bl...
from $ 12.00

Lemon Cider

Our Lemon Cider is not only a tangy and refreshing explosion of taste, it’s also a powerful detoxifying tonic.  Get t...
from $ 6.50

Magenta Mojito

The sparkling Magenta Mojito packs the crimson power of beet kvass and probiotics with the sweetness of agave and the...
from $ 6.50

Cleanse Packages

Cleanse 1 - Beginner

Beginners can choose either a 1- or 3-day cleanse. Each day on our Beginner Cleanse includes the following:- Blood- G...
from $ 53.00

Cleanse 2 - Intermediate

Intermediate cleansers can choose either a 1- or 3-day cleanse. Each day on our Intermediate Cleanse includes the fol...
from $ 53.00

Cleanse 3 - Advanced

Advanced cleansers can choose between 1-, 3-, and 7-day cleanses. Days 1-3 on our Advanced Cleanse includes the follo...
from $ 53.00

Cleanse 4 - Probiotic Plus

Our newest cleanse is the Probiotic Plus -- it is for customers who have already done our Advanced Cleanse.  If you h...
from $ 53.00

Weekly Wellness Pack

The Weekly Wellness pack contains a 6-pack of our most popular probiotic drinks.  It's ideal to order on a subscripti...
$ 53.00
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